It’s the most magical time of the year again! The lights are switched on, maybe even a bit earlier than usual, and all the effort is going into making Christmas live up to its name. Christmas is the preverbial magic wand that transforms the darkness and gloom of Winter. A time of rest and reflection on the year that has passed, a time of hope and celebration. It can also be a challenging time for many which I described before in another blog
Some expectations of therapy can also be that of a magic wand that can instantly undo all the bad in someone's life and they feel better. This is an unrealistic expectation. Therapy is a process, a relationship and a dynamic conversation. Once a therapeutic relationship is established, session after session thereafter allows a discovery of the self which in turn permits change and opens up life to new possibilities. It is a joint effort requiring the client to make a commitment, to share and express feelings and be willing to try other approaches than those that no longer serve them well. If therapy was a magic wand, you would miss out on this voyage of self discovery and the ability to draw on yourself for the resources you need in life. 
At its simplest, therapy can’t be a magic wand as humans are complex and therapists do not have all the answers. More like the client holds the answers and our work together helps access them. It is human nature to want to avoid pain so even when clients know therapy takes time, it does not stop the longing for immediate relief. Sometimes expressing painful emotions feels too much and the process is abandoned, sometimes to be re engaged with later, sometimes not at all. If it were easy, everyone would choose to do it. A therapist understands that. That is not to say that a brief therapy can't bring improvement. It certainly can for very specific issues like grief and work related issues. But for the more life changing needs, it takes time. 
If you feel you can commit to a process of self discovery, please get in touch to start the journey together. 
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