After the Corona Ville series of blogs and the Carers in Covid article, I felt I had written enough about various aspects of the current pandemic. Yet, I feel that, as people are struggling with the second wave restrictions, something light hearted and hopeful is needed right now. So, I decided to write this little poem, the title of which is a phrase used by my five-year-old grandniece, Charlotte. According to Charlotte, much is going to happen “the day after the virus,” especially her plan to gather the whole family together! So, with a nod to that and a little more, here is: 
The Day After the Virus 
The day after the virus 
Will be a happy day 
We’ll welcome friends into our home 
And loved ones far away 
We won’t need social distancing 
Or visors, gels and masks 
We’ll wash our hands just as before 
And resume our normal tasks 
The day after the virus 
We’ll be able to attend 
Parties, weddings, funerals 
Our social world to mend 
We'll holiday and explore anew 
This planet we call home 
And treat it gently, keep it well 
Wherever we may roam 
The day after the virus 
With a vaccine to protect 
We’ll learn our lessons, looking back 
See what we can correct 
In history, it will describe 
Just what we have endured 
The sacrifices we all made 
The human race ensured 
The day after the virus 
We’ll emerge from our cocoon 
So, are you ready? Are you set? 
It’s coming very soon! 
© Caitriona King 2020 
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On 30th October 2020 at 09:27, Gerard O Connor wrote:
What a lovely statement of optimism and hope.
On 30th October 2020 at 00:47, Carmel Mac Namara wrote:
Excellent Poem Caitriona.Covered All effects and side effects of sacrifices made during Covid 19 and creating a great
Day to Look Forward to.Full of Hope🙏 Thanks
On 28th October 2020 at 12:14, Dolores Baker wrote:
Such an uplifting poem and it generates a definite and positive “ looking forward”, when we can all get together again!
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