Do I need a referral from my GP before I can see you? 
No, you may refer yourself. GP and specialist referrals are also accepted. 
What issues do you help with? 
As a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I can help all mental health issues including (but not limited to): depression; anxiety; phobia; loss (bereavement, relationship, position/sense of place, identity, health); stress; relationship difficulties (personal, home, work, school/college); physical, mental and sexual abuse; obsessional thoughts/behaviour; trauma and self-harm.  
Do you have weekend Clinics? 
No, Monday to Friday only at this time. 
Where is your Practice? 
Practice: Unit A7, Santry Road Business Park, Swords Road, Dublin, D09 KD91 
Is there parking available? 
Yes, there is free car parking available at the premises. 
How do I book an appointment? 
The easiest way to book an appointment is clicking on the 'Book Appointment' button below. 
If you have queries before you book, please contact me by emailing  
You may also telephone 086 8114757. If your call is not answered immediately it may mean I am in session with a client. Please leave a message and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 
What are your qualifications? 
I have an MA in Psychoanalysis and a PhD in Genetics. I am accredited with the Irish Psychoanalytical Association and I am professionally registered with the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. I am also a trained mediator. 
Do you see children with disorders? 
No, I see adults only. 
How long is a session? 
Each session is 50 minutes long. 
How long is treatment? 
As with all talking therapies, it is difficult to put a timeframe on. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy focuses on a deeper understanding of the unconscious mind and its effects on our emotions and behaviour. Working this way can bring about profound and lasting change. The work must proceed within the capacity of the client and must not overwhelm the client. The number of sessions will depend on your individual needs, the nature of the issue(s) you present and your desired outcome. Typically clients spend anywhere from 6 months to four years or longer in treatment. 
It is possible to agree a very focused integrative therapy on a single issue for a specified duration e.g. a workplace issue for 6-12 sessions with an option to extend if required. 
How much does a session cost? 
The cost of an individual daytime session is €75, payable by cash or on line via Acuity/Stripe. 
The cost of a couple's daytime session is €100, payable by cash or on line via Acuity/Stripe. 
Do you accept Private Health Insurance? 
Please check with your provider as to what your plan covers, what professions (psychologist, psychotherapist etc) are covered and what their requirements are regarding professional memberships of therapists. I am professionally registered with the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP). I am a registered therapist with Laya on their 360 Plan. If your policy does cover psychotherapy, I provide you with receipts and you claim reimbursement directly yourself. 
Do you do group therapy? 
No. To find a group therapist go to the Irish Council of Psychotherapy website here. 
Do you do Couples Counselling? 
Do you work with businesses? 
Yes. I work with businesses to provide employee assistance programs as well as talks and workshops on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. 
How often will I need to attend? 
The usual frequency of attendance is once a week. 
Do you give Talks and Workshops? 
Yes, see more information here... 
Is it true that Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy only focuses on the past? 
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy uses information from the past to inform the present but also focuses on the client’s day-to-day life and what happens between patient and therapist in the consulting room. 
How can I find out more about Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy? 
You may find additional information here.... 
What is your cancellation policy? 
Standard 24 hour cancellation policy applies. If you cancel within this period, the full fee is due. 
Can't find the answer to your question here? 
Please feel free to contact me by emailing or on the contact form. 
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