Mind Down© 

Give your mind and body some down time for 30 minutes with this calming and restorative exercise, aimed at reducing anxiety and stress.  
Learn how to incorporate deep breathing, grounding, body scanning and meditation into your self care routine.  
Professionally recorded, this studio podcast is available to download for €20!  
Once downloaded, use it whenever or wherever you need, without any further subscriptions. 
Special Anniversary Offer for One Week Only 
"I thoroughly enjoyed your Mind Down podcast. I found it very relaxing and you have a very calm and soothing voice. It is well worth anyone taking out the half-hour to reap the benefit of this and to help relax and take time out. It is definitely time well spent and I look forward to incorporating this as part of my self-care.  
Thank you Caitriona.
Colette Bryson at Engage Life Coaching 

Find Out More! 

‘Give your mind some down time from thinking and doing for thirty minutes with this calming and restorative exercise.’ 
Mind Down© is the name of a thirty-minute guided exercise I perform in my practice, as a physical first aid for those experiencing stress and more than the usual amounts of anxiety. The greatest testament to its effectiveness is that clients have been easily able to engage with it and totally relax. Now, in this professionally recorded studio podcast, I can make it available to anyone, anywhere. 
To download the Podcast simply complete the payment and you will be taken to the Mind Down Podcast. Sit back and enjoy this relaxing meditation exercise. 
To enjoy the podcast time and time again 
Copy and Save the address of the page in your website or phone browser and listen back whenever you want. 
Only €20 
Special Anniversary Offer for One Week Only  
Contact me at caitriona@timeandspace.ie for further information. 

Mind Down Reviews 

Thanks so much Caitriona, I found your Mind Down podcast very helpful. Good to avail of this reasonable price and for a product I call "priceless". 
I found participating very important. A half hour well spent and I thought about nothing else as I followed your clear and gentle instructions carefully. Well done I needed this and great to look forward to more of the same. Thanks for your efforts and perfection and I highly recommend your podcast Mind Down. 
A lovely 30 minute time out to be guided to a quiet place within and accompanied by Caitriona's soothing and caring voice on the journey. Re-connecting with mind, body and spirit is such a resourcing gift to oneself in these challenging COVID-19 times. An important addition to my self-care tool-kit! 
Rachel Mooney 
Highly recommended Podcast thirty-minute guided exercise by the highly skilled therapist Caitriona King MA PhD MICP 
Dr Ameer Yousseff 
A wonderful podcast for those in need of some downtime from the mental overload. 
Good to be back on track again with your 'Mind Down' podcast. This half hour in the day makes a difference in getting through the other 23 and half hours. Thank you. 
I really enjoyed the Podcast. Nice to take some guilt free time and focus on ourselves. Something which I'm terrible at allowing myself to do. Thank you Caitriona for creating such a worthwhile podcast.  
Highly recommend. 
Mia Loves Jay 
I have found this so helpful in so many ways during these troublesome times. Thank you Time and Space. 
Highly recommend the Mind Down podcast from my very dear friend Caitriona. Important to take time out and mind our mental health. Well done Caitriona. It's amazing and so are you. 
If you're looking for a great relaxation Podcast, I highly recommend Caitriona from Time & Space Psychotherapy 
Lisa at Nourish for Life Nutrition 
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