Talks & Workshops on Mental Health & Well being 

I am passionate about supporting mental health in the workplace and community to help maintain mental well being, reduce sick leave and enable change and transition. I provide a range of talks and workshops tailored to the needs of the business, workplace or community which may be delivered on site on a single or regular basis. Contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Topics such as: 

Tailored programmes are our specialty so talk to us about provision of regular talks and workshops or a combination of services 

Burning up or burning out? 

This is an interactive talk or workshop on the WHO recognised occupational phenomenon of burnout, what it is, why it happens, how to recognise it as it is happening and how to deal with it if it already has happened. 

Returning to work from maternity leave 

This workshop explores the challenges of going back to work after maternity leave. Through group work and self-reflection, the workshop examines the issues experienced; the gains and strains from the immediate environment and community; trusting yourself and not subscribing to the myth of perfection as well as how to manage this very challenging time. 

“Let’s Talk” 

Everyone agrees that communication is key but it is not always easy and is becoming increasing more difficult in work environments. This talk or workshop explores the reasons why this may be the case and what we can do to address this. 

Dealing with change 

Change is something we encounter in many facets of life. Consider for example a change in the workplace, the turmoil experienced after loss (can be any type of loss such as loss of health, a job, a relationship, bereavement etc), the change of lifestyle due to retirement or the upheaval of relocation (such as moving house or moving to another country). Any one of these can be very challenging to the most resilient of people. This talk or workshop examines our general responses to change and the underlying causes. We examine the role of cultural influences and explore how best to negotiate and manage change in our lives 

Coping with a Diagnosis 

Many of us struggle to cope when we, or a family member, receive a medical diagnosis. We may experience a mixture of shock and relief, loss, fear and isolation. We may even wonder why we became ill in the first place. This talk or workshop goes through the reactions and processes that can follow receiving a medical diagnosis with particular attention to the element of time.  

Women in the Workforce 

Where or how does the ‘social’ impinge on the ‘personal’, how does our unconscious deal with that and affect how we position ourselves in terms of our work? In this psychosocial aspect of psychoanalysis, we discuss the historical context of women’s rights; how the social expectations of men and women in the historical context of women’s rights impact on the burden of the female in the work force and how social representations and narratives are anchored in history and are taken into our personal inner worlds. 


In this interactive talk or workshop, we explore the many forms of bullying, the cultural aspects and influences, the personal and professional impact it can have and what the options might be for dealing with it. 


What really is retirement? What are the expectations of those about to retire and what are the observations of those that have retired? In this workshop aimed at those preparing for retirement or those who have just retired, we explore the many facets of retirement and reframe it around our individual relationships with ‘free time.’ 

Caring for the Carer 

This workshop is designed for professional carers and home carers. Through discussion and interactive exercises, we explore at the similarities and differences between the professional and home experiences, detaching, abuse, the importance of self care and reintegrating once the caring role ceases. 

What our attendees have to say: 

“It was good to listen to peers in the same boat with the same experiences, the same pressures” 
“The discussions were just so relevant” 
"I took away many useful tips” 
" I can see how this would help the transition back to work for staff” 
“So professional, informative 
and just brilliant! 
I have gone off feeling in  
control and able to deal 
with anything!” 
“I got so much out of it, much more than I was looking for. Such fantastic value for money.” 
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