Going to Therapy allows you to talk about what you are experiencing, explore reasons, develop solutions and help you attain a stronger, more fulfilled and creative self. 

An important part of Therapy is sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings in a safe, non-judgemental therapeutic relationship, with a specially trained therapist. 
I aim to gently uncover unconscious root causes of emotional distress and patterns of behavior so you can manage their effects, become stronger and more fulfilled. I add the benefit of my medical scientificexperience to specialise in dealing with a loss of physical health and cause of illness. 
It can be really difficult to seek help but it is such a positive step forward in self care. Getting to the truth about things that we want to change is very liberating. 
I work within the capacity of each individual, at their pace, using the most appropriate therapeutic approaches for them. 

Make an appointment today and see how I can help if you are: 

Coming to terms with an illness or diagnosis (medical, psychiatric, genetic)? 
Struggling due to the effects of trauma?  
Finding it challenging caring for a family member? 
Very stressed or think you might be suffering from burnout? 
Struggling with anxiety or depression? 
Feel a relationship is in difficulty or things are not going well at home, work or college? 
Struggling with loss or grief? 
Struggling with any of the conditions or issues listed below? 

Please contact me to see how I can help You! 

To book a consultation use the link below or call me on 086 8114757 
My client focus is adults 


Chronic Illness 

Conditions & Issues  

Behavioural Issues 
Bipolar Disorder 
Borderline Personality 
Chronic Illness 
Dissociative Disorders 
Domestic Abuse 
Family Conflict 
Mood Disorders 
Narcissistic Personality 
Personality Disorders 
Relationship Issues 
Sexual Abuse 
Suicidal Ideation 
Trauma and PTSD 


Employee Assistance Programmes for Businesses 
'Mind Down' for anxiety, stress and to enable relaxation 

'Mind Down' 

Available as a podcast here  
Helps with acute anxiety & stress  
Enables relaxation 
Combines grounding, body scanning and meditation 
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