This poem is written from the point of view of the person who does not feel the need to share everything about themself in a friendship or relationship. It may also apply to a person in therapy. It seeks to capture, through the 'secret garden' metaphor, the conflict between being experienced as 'closed off' and needing that space to retreat to, as a source of self renewal. 
Secret Gardens 
A place where no one goes but me 
That no one knows exists but yet suspects 
Behind tall walls and a steel gate that allows glimpses 
To which I and only I, have the key 
There, I keep the parts of me I do not wish to share 
Thoughts, dreams, fantasies, experience  
The threads that form the tapestry of my life 
Some of which, even I, am unaware 
At times, I escape and take a wander round 
I note the colours, hues, light and shade 
I listen to the powerful silence 
Amazed that such composition has no sound 
Must I share this place with you? 
They say there must be no secrets? 
May I keep this tiny piece of me for me ? 
From within myself, to renew? 
©Caitriona King 2023 
Tagged as: Secret, Self renewal
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